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limited edition fungi special

This limited edition of 40 pieces is for all those who have a passion for these special
creatures. We want to give them attention and honor their qualities!

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vapman vaporizer

vapman set

vapman premium set


this is an Italian olive tree. Its wood has the perfect characteristics for the vapman. Besides, it is just beautiful

"We use only carefully selected woods of the highest quality from sustainable forestry. All parts go through an elaborate quality check, done by us in person. We stand for Vapman's unmatched quality by sealing every single unit with a signed quality control sticker."

~Michael and David, vapman CEOs"

the vapman classic

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the vapman pure

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unrivaled taste

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vapman ritual

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vapman is gentle on your lungs & your wallet while pampering you with the finest flavors

Be mindful; choose a better alternative to smoking. With vapman, you'll experience more benefits and fewer side effects from your herbs, thus improving your quality of life. It'll also help you save up to 90% more herbs, thanks to its superior efficiency.


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There's little place for batteries in vapman's world. Batteries go against our principles of "programmed longevity" while at the same time representing an enormous threat to mother earth. 
Thus, vapman's sole energy sources are its carefully-picked proprietary jet lighter and its legendary power station (coming soon)


make the most of your precious herbs & concentrates

vapman's efficient heat distribution and conduction power set it on a league of its own when it comes to concentrates. 

Ever since its debut, vapman has proven to be a must-have device for all concentrate enthusiasts

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... for microdosing

his classleading efficency makes vapman to the heavyweight-champion in micro dosages of down to 0.05 grams.

get in touch with all the benefits of microdosing

find your soul-matching vapman in our custom shop

The one-of-a-kind beauty of olivewood inspires us deeply. We believe that every human being, like every olivewood vapman, is wonderfully special and unique. That's why we want you to be able to personally choose your matching vapman among our most beautiful pieces in the custom store.

Have fun exploring!

We are Michael and David the new ones behind vapman

"Our goal always remains the same, we don't want to produce just any, but the best. Driven by passion, vapman is based on almost twenty years of development, shaped by knowledge and love to detail. Today we have achieved our goal and so we will continue to set new benchmarks in efficiency and vapor quality"

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This vapman has seen 15 years of daily use...

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of the top 50 vaporizers, vapman won in the best flavor category - check it out

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we are a zero-waste company

we plant a tree where reforestation is needed the most for every order placed

our promise to the environment...