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vapman is a unique battery-free thermal extraction device for aromatic herbs and is not suitable for the use of tobacco products or any illegal substances


vapman is gentle on your lungs & your wallet while pampering you with the finest flavors


Vapman stands for mindfulness, its vision is to form an overall better alternative to smoking - giving its users more health, enjoyment and quality of life. Besides, because of its efficiency, 85% of your herbs are saved.


how to enjoy vapman...

this is an Italian olive tree, its wood has the perfect characteristics for the vapman and besides it is just beautiful

"We use only carefully selected woods of the highest quality from sustainable forestry. All parts go through an elaborate quality check which is done by us personally and we stand for it on every singel vapman set with our name."

~Michael and David CEO`s vapman

the vapman classic

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the vapman pure

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We deliberately renounce batteries and other consumables in our sortiment, since on the one hand they speak against our principle of longevity and on the other hand they represent an enormous impact on mother earth.

So vapman comes optionally with a carefully selected jetlighter or its heating station (coming back 2022).

unrivaled taste

more about the medical benefits...

we are a zero waste company

for every order placed, we plant a tree where reforestation is most needed

our promise to the environment...

vapman pure set

vapman classic set

parts & accessories



... for concentrates

vapman and concentrates are a combination that has proven itself over the years and so vapman got a must-have device in terms of concentrates

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... for microdosing

his classleading efficency makes vapman to the heavyweight-champion in micro dosages of down to 0.001 grams.

get in touch with all the benefits of microdosing

We are Michael and David the new ones behind vapman

a deeper insight about our mindset and approach...

"Our goal always remains the same, we don't want to produce just any, but the best. Driven by passion, vapman is based on almost twenty years of development, shaped by knowledge and love to detail. Today we have achieved our goal and so we will continue to set new benchmarks in efficiency and vapor quality"

Michael & David

This vapman after 15 years of daily use...

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vapor true nature

vapman GmbH headquarter

Rodeneck, Itay

Mon - Fri, 10am - 9pm
Saturday, 11am - 9pm
Sunday, 11am - 5pm

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