custom shop

The Vapman custom shop is a place where you have the opportunity to find your matching vapman

the idea came from our passion for olive wood, not only because of its special grain, which gives each olive wood vapman its own, unique charm but also because of its symbolic meaning.

In Italy they say "olive wood promotes individuality and helps to find oneself, to live out all one's potential and to become a strong personality".

Through all the handwork we develop a personal connection with each vapman, the individual character of olive wood inspires us deeply and is therefore one of the many reasons why we love our work so much.
However, we realized that a few models are completely out of the ordinary.

And because we are all, just like the olivenvapmans, so wonderfully unique, we want to make it possible that these, so special pieces can find their rightful owner.

In addition, each vapman receives a suitable name and its own number under which the respective model with its picture will be stored forever on our website.

Have fun exploring!

Every vapman comes with the set and titanium mouthpiece

-P for pure

-C for classic