The vapman is an easy- maintenance device
just follow these steps and he will last for a lifetime
 1. as often as you want you can put the mouthpiece in boiling water or a solvent (e.g. alcohol)
 2. For those who want to keep their golden heating chamber shiny: you can brush it out after the use with the cleaning brush (this won’t affect the vapor quality at all)
3. For concentrate-users: If you often vape concentrates, the heating chamber gets dirty easily. In this case you can use the backside of the cleaning brush to get the rests out of the chamber (if it’s heated it’s much easier).
The concentrate sieve can be cleaned by burning it out. The heat protection (mica) should not be cleaned and should not get in contact with liquids.
Advanced cleaning
Some people might never have to do this type of cleaning, it just depends on the herbs you use and how often you use it. When you feel particles of herbs in your mouth it often means its time to clean.
For perfect functionality, neither the air-holes in the middle section nor the air nozzles may be blocked. You can remove residues with a needle.

1. Unscrew “THESE TWO” screws to remove the sieve.
  1. Put the sieve in boiling water or a solvent (e.g. alcohol)
  1. Take the backside of the cleaning brush to remove residues from the inside of the middlepiece