features and materials

we are pleased to share with you all the features that lead to the unrivaled vapor experience and efficiency of the vapman...

Let's start with the energy source
Since values such as sustainability and durability are essential for us, an ecological energy source was the only option.
Battery operation was out of question, especially because of the poor lifetime of the batteries, as they quickly lose power due to the enormous load and they are not fully recyclable.

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Moving on to the core-piece, the heating chamber
"24k gold plated copper" shaped to perfection, leads to excellent heat conduction and ensures smooth and rapid heating. The built-in brass nozzles on one hand prevent the inhalation of butane gas and on the other hand deliver hot fresh air into the heating chamber.

Encased by the grip ring
"wood" is the only material that meets the specific requirements of the vapman: It`s heat absorbing, sustainable and absolutely harmless. The sleek design guarantees safe use and comfortable handling. We have chosen olive wood because it meets all the special requirements of the vapman, looks amazing and is native to italy - therefore environmentally friendly.
With built-in heat protection
"Mica" is a mineral and therefore natural material, harmless, even at very high temperatures.  It serves to protect the vapman but also as a heat reflector for better results.

 mica in its raw state as a mineral

Rare natural mineral mica cristalli insegnamento campione originale in  pietra Muschio durezza minerale tipica ym20|mineral mica|mineral  naturalminer miner - AliExpress

on to the centerpiece
"wood" is also in this case the perfect material. The three optimally positioned air holes provide enough fresh air to round off the vapor experience.  For denser vapor clouds, one or more holes can be covered with the fingers.
The screen and the heat protection ring located below it can be easily removed for deep cleaning. 
Up to the mouthpiece
"P. O. M." is one of the best plastics on the market, its characteristics are similar to those of glass, with the advantage that it is completely unbreakable. It can easily resist temperatures of up to 120 degrees and various solutions, making it easy to clean. Plastic skeptics can therefore feel assured.

Inox” is a premium stainless steel. It went through several production steps to achieve an excellent surface finish.  This enables optimal cleanability and maximum hygiene.

ALL components (even those not listed) are made specifically for the Vapman, they are carefully developed and tested for many years. Also in the selected materials We have made no compromises to guarantee maximum safety and functionality.