1. The egg opens simply by a light press on the center line
  1. disassemble the upper part of vapman by twisting it counter clockwise
3.if you want you can use the funnel to fill in your herbs, but you can also do it without– the use of fine grinded herbs will improve the vapor-quality. 
You can use a very small amount of herbs but if you put too much material inside, vapman won’t work properly due to the lack of air flow.
  1. Then make sure that the edges of the golden heating chamber are free from herbs. If you see any, you can use “THIS” little metal pin to push them back inside.
  1. Install the upper part again


Now to the heating…
Hold vapman by the handle ring
  1. first you have to set the right length of the flame. here everyone has their own preferences, most like a length similar to the diameter of the filter - around one and a half cm. with this length you should heat around three seconds.   flame length 10 mm ~ 5 sec - 20 mm ~ 2sec.
(after some uses you’ll find your own tecnique and wont have to think about time and flame-length  anymore.)
  1. always Remember The clue: Tip to tip.
Point the tip of the blue jet flame to the tip of the golden heating chamber.
you  better heat a bit less than to long, because than you get the risk of burning your herbs.
Attention: While heating the vapman, ONLY hold it by the handle ring and use a jet flame lighter
  1. once heated up, start enjoying: Take a deep breath without stress repeat as often as you like. On the middlepiece are tree airholes, the more they get covered - the denser gets the vapor.


(After some time you`ll get a feeling of the personal preferences of the vapor, If it feels harsh and hot it means you heated to long and if the vapor hasnt enough taste you can heat a bit more. )
  1. As soon as there is no more taste, you can check the state of your herbs. When the color turns into dark brown and they smells rosty, they no longer contain active ingredients and can be removed. 


  1. After each filling, give the filter a good rub on a piece of cloth or a paper towel. Clean the filter while it is still warm. This is the easiest way of removing any residue.


  1. Install the upper part again and put the vapman back in his egg. The egg closes simply by lightly squeezing the two parts together.