less is more
In times of information overload, we want to return to the simple principle of minimalism with the VAPMAN. The method of microdosing is the perfect foundation for an incomparably efficient and sustainable consumption, which leads to an increase in everyone's quality of life.
we would like to introduce you to the principle of microdosing, a subject that represents the future of vaporization...
Microdosing stands for maximum effect with minimum side effects.
The goal is to adjust the dose so that the desired effects occur and the side effects are absent. Thus, after taking the active substance, one can manage one's everyday life unimpaired by unpleasant side effects.
the dosage
An objective measure of dosage cannot be determined, because the effect depends on many personal factors and not least on the subjective perception of each person. Therefore, it is recommended to start with a low dosage and to approach the individually optimal amount of active ingredient from below. Since the onset of the effect is also individual, one should definitely wait for some time after inhalation (up to 30 minutes), while dealing with the perception and sensation of the effects. Also, when heating the herbs, we recommend vaporizing at a low temperature at the beginning and gradually increasing it to finally achieve the desired effect.