Thermal extractor for phyto-inhalation


With phyto-inhalation, herbal ingredients are inhaled with the help of a thermal extractor. This can be done for medical self-treatment or to enjoy herbs or aromatic substances.  Phyto-inhalation does not produce any smoke, the vapor only contain the concentrated active ingredients of the plant. 


How does it work?

Vegetable material (phyto) is heated up with an thermal extractor, the active ingredients evaporate and are inhaled (inhalation).  In contrast to conventional administration methods such as smoking, phyto-inhalation does not produce any smoke, so the vapors do not contain any harmful substances, only active ingredients. These are quickly and efficiently absorbed by the lungs and immediately enter the bloodstream. The effect can be felt after just a few seconds, making it very easy to dose. In contrast to smoking, phyto-inhalation only requires a third of the amount of plants. Phyto-inhalation is good for the lungs and airways. Inhaling the active ingredients is extremely pleasant, as cool fresh air is added to the hot active ingredient vapors. The temperature of the inhaled vapor is therefore roughly body temperature.  Because the vapor inhaled with a vapman does not contain any harmful substances, the taste is also unadulterated and authentic. 


What can be extracted? 

All natural substances that boil without decomposition can be extracted.  This applies to all known plants.  Depending on the plant, different parts are used for extraction, from the flower to the root.  Mixtures of plants are also suitable for inhalation.  For information about the effects and use of medicinal plants, it is advisable to consult a specialist or the specialist literature. 


What else is there to consider? 

The vegetable material should be dried and finely cut, this is the fastest way to heat the active ingredients.  The boiling point of herbal active ingredients is between approx. 110 ° C and 230 ° C. Vapman is especially constructed to easliy maintain the optimal temperature. With phyto-inhalation it is advisable to heat the material slowly and to be careful not to overheat the material to be inhaled.  While inhaling, you can quickly feel whether active ingredients are being released or whether the material to be inhaled has been used up. Then check the inhaled material: it may turn a little brown, but should not be black and burnt.  Similar to roasting nuts.