after 15 years of daily use

vapman is a product that can accompany you for a lifetime. It is therefore not an object of consumption but an object of pure utility.

It is entirely made of natural materials from the highest quality and goes through an elaborate hand-finishing process. Only after strict quality controls does each unit qualifyfor purchase. Thus, nothing stands in the way of years of use without worry.

As each vapman is made from natural materials frequent use will result in some wear. However, this does not affect the performance in any way.


Individual parts such as the heating chamber and sieve can show abrasion due to excessive use. This does not affect the functionality in any way, but for enthusiasts, we still offer the possibility to purchase parts individually to simply replace them.


Each vapman matures along with its user and,  over the years, develops a unique patina that increases its emotional value.

Vapman is still today, after almost 20 years of history, a reference product in vaporizing and this will remain so due to its genius operating principle. It was designed to be the best in its class and thus serve its user as a timeless companion for finest extraction experience.