vapman musuem

vapman was born in 2005, but its history began long before, in the late 90s ... We are in Biel, the center of Swiss watch industry, where the inventor Renè suddenly felt the urge to use his advanced technical knowledge to create a product whose use represents an added value for everyone. His passion for herbal medicine brought to his attention the at that time still largely unknown subject of "vaporization". He quickly realized the great potential of this principle. From then on, he put his full dedication into the development of a perfect vaporizer - this made him a pioneer in this sector. Then, at the turn of the century, his first vaporizer saw the light of the world. It was a tabletop model with a fixed power connection.


His first idea was a muscle powered device, it was already working fine but Rene realized that this was not the final solution...




After years of development, the time had finally come: the first prototype of vapman was born - at that time the first battery free-powered vaporiser



Soon after that the final version was released...




Especially through word-of-mouth advertising, it soon enjoyed a considerable reputation among vape enthusiasts. Renè, who himself has become a great lover of his vapman, continuously manufactured all the vapmans by himself. After now almost twenty years In the long term test, the vapman has done valiantly and remains up to its claims, but Renè due to his advantage age is not capable of producing vapmans anymore.

Because of our love for vapman, we have teamed up with Renè - to give the vapman a worthy future. We are Michael & David, with Rene as our mentor, we have taken the vapman once again under the microscope and improved the final touches. Full of pride we can offer you now this completed vaporizer.



The production is based in South Tyrol (Italy), not far from the birthplace of the vapman, in the middle of the UNESCO World Heritage Site "Dolomites". Since our homeland is very dear to us, environmentally conscious actions are one of our top priorities. Of course, we will remain true to our roots and values and continue to provide you with nothing but the best.