AFC mouthpieces

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The vapman "air flow control mouthpiece" finally gives you the possibility to adjust the airflow on your vapman, so you can regulate draft resistance and fresh air supply at the same time.
It has three cut-outs, which are placed exactly at the same distance as the air holes. By turning them slightly, the fresh air supply can be regulated and completely blocked. When the marks milled on the mouthpiece are flush with the air holes, the fresh air supply is fully open and the vapman functions as usual.
The more the mouthpiece is turned, the more the fresh air supply is blocked. This leads to more draft resistance and of course denser vapor.
It works best to turn the mouthpiece slightly while inhaling to get immediate feedback on how much the air holes are closed.
This mouthpiece helps you to adjust your vapman even more to your needs.
Have fun with it!

Customer Reviews

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Great MP!

Really good in cooling down the vapor. Having an adjustable airflow is simply awesome to find out the perfect tune with the Vapman. Higly recommended

Tassos Psonis
Afc titanium mouthpiece

This simply and small upgrade is a must if you want to use the vapman really from mtl to dl inhalations!
Also is super easy to keep clean and matches beautifully with the vapmans style!

David Baránek

Hi good upgread... Practical use, nice design... I would definitely recommend !!!!!!

Giacomo anesi

Ottimo.!sia nel funzionamento (regola perfettamente il flusso d’aria) che nella linea (comode le scanalature per capire l’apertura o la chiusura del flusso)

Keith K
AFC mouthpiece

This thing is great, after playing around with it I have set my favourite position and left it ever since. It does a great job at regulating the airflow to meet your preference