concentrate/microdosing sieve

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the custom vapman sieve is a real multi-talent and a must have for all fans of microdosing and concentrates. it's ultra tight winding allows the perfect vaporization of any type of concentrates and at the same time prevents the pan and nozzles from getting dirty. it also allows the even vaporization of minimal doses of down to 0.001g, making vapman the king of microdosing.

vapman has proven over the years to be the best vaporizer for concentrates because of this sieve.

Customer Reviews

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Alex (Mas les Comes) de Miguel

really good! its amazing all about vapman

Must have!

This microdosing sieve is amazing, i haven't used it with concentrates yet but it works amazing with herb, you can vape the smallest crumbs in it and you will feel the effect and taste

"Dabbing" with my Olive Wood Classic Vapman & concentrate sieve

But if I could only upload photos, this review would be much easier to illustrate :)

One begins with a clean and tidy looking Vapman, and the sieve as a concentrates platform. For this sesh, I selected a rosin pressed from two killer strains. Taking only a piece about the size of cooked rice, and placing atop the sieve I proceed as I do with my herbs in my Vapman. From that tiny piece of rosin, I managed several draws of sweet clouds of rosin vapor that produced the intended results: I was immediately in tranquility. There's no need for elaborate post-dab cleaning, such as Q-tip Tech, or big butane torch to heat the dabbing nail. Then, even better:

One ends with a clean and tidy looking Vapman. That, my friends, is uber chill. Vapman (and SIEVE) FTW!

Peace and love that many seem to have forgotten,

Miguel M

Ryan Bell
Very useful for any concentrate.

I love this thing. Since I got my vapman it has been my daily driver. It does hash, bubble hash, and even things like THC diamonds and live resins amazingly. Definitely recommend.

The Best

I am a huge fan of the vapman. Is the best vaporizer for the taste and terpenes
Now it has the first place, i was using dynavap etc..
My favorite définitive