herb ripper mini 3er piece x vapman special kotibé classic

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vapman x herb ripper

save 40% on the new vapman x herb ripper bundle

This bundle contains everything you need to explore the world of vapman, the solid herb ripper grinder with its fine & fluffy grind provides optimal conditions for the perfect vapor.

Try all different ways to vape with vapman:
  • with the WPA through water for coolness
  • with the long glass mouthpiece for ultimate smoothness,
  • with the AFC mouthpiece for air flow control,
  • and concentrate screen that turns the vapman into the hashman or hashking. ;)
 The included cleaning tools are perfect for cleaning the vapman and the herb ripper.
The AFC mouthpiece comes same as the herb ripper with sone washed surface, so they fit together perfectly and it makes a nice haptic.
Convince yourself of this killer combo!
This set includes:
  • Kotibé vapman classic
  • herb ripper mini 3er piece
  • long glass stem
  • WPA
  • sieve for concenrates
  • vapbag
  • vapman jet lighter
  • cleaning set
  • filling funnel

Customer Reviews

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Excellent. Sadly the glass WPA arrived broken, but I tried turning the Vapman upside down and placing it on 14mm female joint - and it fits perfectly. No adaptor required. Really like the air control mouthpiece which allows for the air holes to be blocked up.