mouthpiece - handmade borosilicate glass

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"Borosilicate glass" is one of the most hygienic materials on the market. It contains no chemicals or harmful substances and is also tasteless - it does not absorb odors, tastes or discoloration.  In addition, it is characterized by a high break resistance for glass and is 100% recyclable.

Furthermore, the longer vapor path creates a more pleasant and cooler vapor experience.

Customer Reviews

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Yann Genschke

mouthpiece - handmade borosilicate glass

Steven Roucourt
Coolest mouthpiece

The glass mouthpiece, I've been using the afc pom, wood and the pom but glass is definitely my favorite. The clouds are nice and the vapor is very cool. Just don't drop it and you'll be fine.

Marco Savoldi
Great mouthpiece

best mouthpiece ever

Andro Audio
Perfection Has been Found

This little Italian gem has replaced my Omni-Vong, Crafty+ and Epic Enano. I’ve always had to tinker with every T.E.D. I’ve owned by running it through a water pipe for extra cooling…..well… Vapman with the WOOD mouthpiece is the BEST EVER!!! I’m already starting to donate my T.E.D. Collection and glass collection to smokers I know.
I do sometimes rotate in the glass mouthpiece and screens for all sort of Hash and Extracts and wow! This thing kicks. The flavor and strength are unrivaled that the Vapman delivers. Nothing hits as good as the Wood mouthpiece.
I am a legal medical patient in New York battling colon cancer and nothing delivers my medication like this little gem. Microdosing is a fine art and Vapman is perfect in every aspect.
As for the ritual aspect! Bravo!! Bravo!! The heating ritual is practically a form of meditation in itself.
The hits are PERFECT. Took me about 3 bowls to get a near perfect technique as a first time user.
The craftsmanship is reminiscent of a fine Swiss watch feel a make me appreciate my Vapman with every use.

When the wood warms up in my hands and I exhale a perfect hit every time, I am reminded that all the best in the world Vespa, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Gucci , Prada , Fendi and Vapman are made in Italy!
Thank you Team Vapman.

Marek K.
Game changer

This mouthpiece raises the vapman experience one level higher.
A Vapman with a long mouthpiece should be standard.