premium vapman classic set - olive wood

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vapman's ingenious operating principle makes it a reference product in its class. The sophisticated pan shape allows an even heat distribution while the built-in air nozzles provide hot fresh air supply and avoid gas inhalation.  This results in an unsurpassed vaporization experience. Handling is also very simple, just point the blue tip of the flame at the golden tip of the pan - heat up briefly - then inhale & repeat as often as necessary until the herbs are vaporized. (For more detailed info see "HOW TO ENJOY"). The included funnel makes filling herbs even easier. vapman and funnel fit precisely into the wooden vapcase.  The included maintenance kit was also selected with love and will make your vapman shine forever.

Olive wood is one of the most versatile woods, so each vapman looks different and is a unique piece of functional art.

"We love our planet with all its facets and are enthusiastic about what we do, vaping is our passion and providing you with a flawless product is our mission, each vapman is personally refined and tested by us to bring out the full beauty of the wood while ensuring highest quality."

Michael & David CEO`s vapman

On the vapman classic we have installed a fine layer of mica [layer mineral] to protect the vapman from carbonization. The mica is a natural material and absolutely harmless, furthermore, it acts as a heat reflector which increases the efficiency. (mica can easily flake off when touched, this does not affect the function in any way and is not harmful to health)


this set contains:

  1. vapman classic olive wood
  2. wooden vapcase with herbcontainer
  3. carefully selected jet lighter (delivered empty)
  4. cleaning brush
  5. screw driver
  6. manual
  7. wood box
  8. filling funnel
  9. concentrate screen

Customer Reviews

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Exquisite in every way

The Vapman is my new best friend. I hope to widen my circle of friends soon, because we all need more than one best friend! Beautiful product in every way, designed and made by beautiful people. Keep spreading the love my friends!

Truly remarkable set

Despite reading and watching many reviews, it still surprised me how small the vaporizer and the storage box are. Wonderful natural grain of olive wood and absolutely smooth finish is pure joy, it makes me smile every single time I handle the Vapman. Performance is top-notch, I was already amazed by efficiency of Dynavap M, but Vapman brings it even further. Vaping concentrates (even with the included accessory) is a little messy, so I will keep using it with dry herbs only.

Vapman quickly became my preferred choice for CBD flowers (I can finally taste the buds), but "full spectrum herbs" are awesome as well. The related unboxing/loading ritual is something I always look forward to (and can be used as a "sobriety test" - if you can't pack another bowl, you clearly had enough already :) ). Not having a tactile temperature feedback is actually a positive, I don't need to put down my headphones to be able to hear the "click". I am using fool-proof simple "recipe" - about 6 seconds heating time, slow, long draw and repeat until there's barely any vapor/taste left. With this approach I didn't have a single "combustion accident" and I get more, tasteful hits. There is no need to wait for the cooldown and vaporizer can be handled, cleaned and stored away right after finishing the vaping session. AFC titanium mouth piece is a great idea, but after a while I just settled on "fully open" ports - which is the default behavior of basic mouth pieces and actually works the best (I guess that the inventor and new owners know what they're doing :) ).

The only tiny complaint would be that the outer box and inside of the premium storage box were "raw" untreated wood. However a few drops of linseed oil fixed that, so no big deal.

Possible improvements - having a slightly larger "party version" would be a nice addition to the line-up. Premium storage box should have a dedicated space for the cleaning brush (I use it every single time, not only to clean up the bowl, but also to position/pack the herbs in the bowl) and maybe include small tweezers (with the Vapman's incredible efficiency it's actually hard to put such miniscule amounts of herbs with bare hands).

Tassos Psonis
Premium vapman classic set - olive wood

My vapman is my best vaporizer when I need micro dosing with the best flavor, efficiency and top quality!
The walnut vapcase is a must for the portability and the handling!
I catch myself staring at them all the time!

Daniel Mikenda

premium vapman classic set - olive wood