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The vapman summer sale starts now and we would like to use this occasion to introduce you to the new vapbag.

The vapbag, finally makes the vapman pocket friendly. Made out of sustainable and robust materials like cork and canvas, it offers enough space for your vapman, glass mouthpiece, herb container, filling funnel and other accessories.

The vapman summer bundle includes:

  • brand new vapbag with herb container
  • new onyx waterplated AFC mouthpiece in stainless steel
  • filling funnel
  • vapman jet lighter
  • and of course a vapman classic in olive wood

Customer Reviews

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xavier charrot

fast shipping and awesome vaporizer

The Olive wood Vapman

Hi guys, congrats & thanks on your continuing the vapman tradition. I found most of my Vapman info prepurchase on FC & Reddit. My goal in purchasing the Vapman was to find a vaporizer for international travel use. I have a XMax v3Pro vape but it uses an 18650 Lithium battery & I have decided to completely forego replaceable batteries on my next international trip. I ruled out the vapcap because of the exposed hot metal when in use, the mounting cost to make the vapcap less harsh natively (Simrell, Revolve, etc), & that the vapcap's flavor profiles were inferior to the Vapman's. I found the refilling of the lighter with butane the first time to be a little daunting, but after viewing a youtube video it was quite straightforward. I have now used the Vapman hiking & find that even in the wind, the Vapman performs very well. I prefer using the Vapman over the XMax v3Pro - the Vapman is just as easy to use but much safer, the heat up time is less than the v3Pro, the Vapman is much easier to clean & keep clean, & the vapor is much less harsh than the v3Pro's vapor. Also the Vapman is extremely lightweight & very stealthy in use! Therefore, the Vapman satisfies all my requirements for an OTG vape. Recommended, Anonymous.
(Of the 3 mouthpieces that I received, the glass mp is my favorite, followed by the POM. The microdosing sieve is highly recommended - it is harder to combust flower when using the sieve, & is the better method when using trates).

Christian Daerr
My absolute alltime favorite vaporizer with the best taste ever!

I am a medical user and most time I do best with regular small doses, which is what the Vapman is perfect for. I've been using the older model for years and it has become my all time favorite vaporizer, completely replacing the Mighty, the ArGo and even at home the Aromed! The new model and the other improvements, such as the new bag, the switch to hemp plastic (Vapman Hempcase) and the sustainable way the company works improve the Vapman for me even more! Thank you for this great product! I will stay a loyal customer!