vapman classic set - olive wood

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vapman's ingenious operating principle makes it a reference product in its class. The sophisticated pan shape allows an even heat distribution while the built-in air nozzles provide hot fresh air supply and avoid gas inhalation.  This results in an unsurpassed vaporization experience. Handling is also very simple, just point the blue tip of the flame at the golden tip of the pan - heat up briefly - then inhale & repeat as often as necessary until the herbs are vaporized. (For more detailed info see "HOW TO ENJOY"). The included funnel makes filling herbs even easier. vapman and funnel fit precisely into the hemp casing.  The included maintenance kit was also selected with love and will make your vapman shine forever.

Olive wood is one of the most versatile woods, so each vapman looks different and is a unique piece of craftsmanship.

"We love our planet with all its facets and are enthusiastic about what we do, vaping is our passion and providing you with a flawless product 
is our mission, each vapman is personally refined and tested by us to bring out the full beauty of the wood while ensuring highest quality."
Michael & David CEO`s vapman
On the vapman classic we have installed a fine layer of mica [layer mineral] to protect the vapman from carbonization. The mica is a natural material and absolutely harmless, furthermore, it acts as a heat reflector which increases the efficiency. (mica can easily flake off when touched, this does not affect the function in any way and is not harmful to health)


this set contains:

  1. vapman classic olive wood
  2. hemp box
  3. carefully selected jet lighter (delivered empty)
  4. cleaning brush
  5. screw driver
  6. manual
  7. wood box
  8. filling funnel

Customer Reviews

Based on 27 reviews
Mark Tindale
Beautiful Vape

I used to own a very simple vape years ago that was just fantastic. Like this one, it was just a case of manually applying heat. Unfortunately that broke. I've been through several expensive replacements since but I've never found one that I like until now. The Vapman Classic is just superb. If you want to really taste and enjoy your herb then I think being able to control the heat manually is the only way to go. In addition to this, it's just a beautiful piece of craftmanship which, in theory, should last forever. I also had a query after purchase and they responded to it really quickly. Overall I'm very happy.

5/5 Stars for the Vapman and shopping experience

The Vapman ist simply perfect for what it is: a device to get the absolute best taste out of your herb whilst getting moderately high, and all that without much hassle or risk of combustion. The great portability ist also appreciated when microdosing in everyday life.

Cheers, Michael and David, you brought a great product to new life and made it even better than it already was (performance and wood are really nice).
Greetings from Germany, I wish You all the best.

Jerome Pfalmer

This is a nice product. My Lotus may be retired, or maybe just used a little less. Customer service was excellent, a delay caused by the shipping company (DHL) was handled quickly and I received courteous treatment. Thanks!

Steven Roucourt
Vapman classic olive

This little vape is amazing!
After using it a couple of times I still can taste the olive wood which is a nice thing. I've used the afc titanium mouthpiece together with the glass mouthpiece it's another level. I love how much taste you get out of it. I can only recommend it. It's a great piece of kit.

Best vaporizer

I use the vaporizer for vaping CBD. Works much better than oil. It’s a beautiful pice of wood and a lot of joy to use.

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