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Pre-order now the first batch of the new vapman heating station, handmade in Italy, limited to 200 pieces 

Scheduled shipping time: end of February

Payment: Those who sign up here will reserve one of the 200 stations and receive a message with the payment notice as soon as we are ready to ship the station. Whoever joins this list commits to buying the station and gets updates and exclusive insights into the production. 

Take advantage of this chance and grab this excellent device.

What's inside: heating station, wall mount white high-quality power adapter (GB, US, EU, AU), storage box, manual, free vapman glass mouthpiece.


The vapman heating station is the ideal power source and heats the vapman electrically and temperature-controlled. It allows you to heat your herbs to the perfect temperature without the risk of burning them.

The combination of fine handwork, natural materials, and sleek design with modern electronics make it pleasant to use and a timeless device that will last you for many years.

Instruction manual

Connect the device to the mains and switch on at the toggle switch. The red LED  lights up, and the station heats up. After approx. one minute, the yellow LED lights up, and the station is ready for use. The desired temperature can be set with the selector knob. (The 1 corresponds to a temperature of 140°C/320°F, and the 9 corresponds to 230°C/450°F.) Now your vapman can be heated up. Hold the vapman loosely by the mouthpiece or centerpiece and place it on the docking part without force. With a slight twisting motion, the vapman will drop down into the right position, and the LED will flash yellow.

As soon as the LED lights up green, you can lift your vapman from the docking part and inhale. You can continue the process and heat the vapman as often as possible. Vapman can only be heated up when the LED is yellow; when the LED is red, the LED lights up white. In that case, lift the vapman from the station and wait until the LED lights up yellow. vapman should be removed from the station when the LED is green; otherwise, it will be heated above the selected temperature. The station will turn itself off after being unoccupied for more than 5 minutes. 


The vapman station is maintenance-free and will not get dirty during regular operation. If small particles get onto the hot docking part, they should only be removed by blowing them out. If the particles cannot be removed by blowing them out, switch off the station and remove them with a soft object after it has cooled down. The unit should never come into contact with water or other liquids. The aluminum housing can be cleaned with a damp cloth. The device should only be stored in a dry place.

 Technical data:

Diameter 65mm

Height 112 mm

Weight: 260 gr

Power: 20V/50V DC Temperature range: 140° - 230°C

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