vapman pure - heating element

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With this set you can replace the heart piece of your vapman pure


1. place your vapman on a flat surface with the logo facing down.

2. open the 3 long screws on the bottom to remove the 3 aluminum brackets and set them aside for step 5.

3. Remove the old heating element.

4. now take the new heating element and place it in its place.

5. now take the new long screws and turn them together with the three aluminum brackets until they are a few mm from the stop. by placing the aluminum brackets on the small recess on the nozzles and then tightening them, the heating element will be fixed in place. (make sure all the clamps are pointing in the same direction).

tighten the screws carefully as they break easily. once it holds, heat your vapman with the lighter and tighten the screws until everything is fixed in place.

Caution: great pressure must be avoided, otherwise the screws will break and your vapman will become unusable.

Customer Reviews

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I had to substitute an old, beaten up heating element for a swiss made Vapman and the new one works flawlessly. Very easy to install, fast shipping.

Jajati Mohanty
Great service

Great product and service

gold pan + green pot = tasty vap

the gold plated copper heating element of the vapman vaporiser.
very easy to replace on the pure model according to instructions.
requires a bit of finesse to avoid damaging the mica layer during the process on the classic model.