vapman water pipe adapter 10/14/18mm

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the water pipe adapter allows you to use the vapman with all standard female glass pieces (10/14/18mm)


With this adapter the fresh air supply is blocked

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Lo uso para conectar mi vapman a una pequeña pipa, es muy útil

Little Jet Turbine

Since several years I’m using e-Vape and finally I made the decision to change to flame heated devise as a more natural vaping solution, independent from electricity. It took awhile to find the proper vape. But actually Vapman convinced me especially with its presentation, design and using such elements like wood par excellence. So, Vapman was ordered, incl the Glas mouth peace and even the Glas adapter for bubblers. Once I received I was a bit surprised abt the tiny piece . I couldn’t imagine that it will properly work, I was smiling about it and not really trusting .. Nevertheless, keeping it in hands, playing around, with all the “equipment” I immediately realized, it is some kind of fun and really nice made tool. Nothing found to be worried about. It is really well designed. Even with the “little surprise” I was happy abt my decision for the Vapman and started the use and testing. Actually the next surprise occurred, the very well working condition of it. Even with the first times challenge to find the proper heating procedure , each single usage is highlighting the Vapman. I mean different temperatures and amount of herbs , cleaning , carrying etc. all is some kind of fun compared with my previous experience with e-vapes. I am a mid fourties’ person, non smoker, working very intense on high level technologies and using the Vapman by myself to find some relaxing times besides the daily routine. After some months of use, it becomes really a little Vape fun toy. It is so easy to use and to carry save in its wooden box , when I am outside at the nature or at my Couch. Especially with the class mouth piece it looks like a jet turbine and if I want, it works like that. With “economic fuel” consumption it brings me to the horizon. I am absolutely convinced and happy to have it. Small little adjustments would bring it to next level , the Glas mouth piece should have similar function like the AFC mouthpieces. I understand the difficulties to design and manufacture it but that would give another highlight. Also a bubbler designed on the same level like the Vapman and all it’s accessories will bring the package to the top of flame fired Vapes .. I am absolutely confident and will advice anybody who has interest for such little fun toy - jet turbine vaporizer to get it and fly around. Thanks for that .
Greetings , Thomas

Hector Torres
Great attachment to get!!!

I love it I use it on all my water pipe accessories it’s universal, so it fits multiple sizes. Also if you choose not to use it as an adapter, you can also use it as a mouthpiece which I found it useful when I forgot my glasses mouthpiece at home.

Not necessary but cool

As Titel says!

useful piece of kit…

great with my beaker bubbler…could have made the glass joint much thicker…